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The Jackson Acura Dealership in Atlanta is more than just a place to buy an Acura — it is a team of employees who work together to make every part of buying or servicing your Acura a truly welcoming experience. These employees make it their business to know their customers personally, and they go out of their way to make you feel as though you are a part of their Acura family. Once you become the proud owner of an Acura from this dealership, the service department’s dedication to you is nothing short of excellence. From the moment that you walk in the door, till the time you drive out, you will be embraced by the highly motivated and competent team at Jackson Acura.”


“I recently purchased an MDX from Chege M. and wanted to send a letter stating how satisfied I was with the entire experience. ¬†From the moment we walked on the lot, he was friendly, knowledgeable and truly assisted my wife and I in finding the perfect car. ¬†We had originally gone to another Acura store and although the salesperson was nice, there was something different and more professional about CM. ¬†After we agreed on the price, ¬†I let him know I needed to leave in 10-15 minutes and after talking to the business office and yourself, he courteously let me know it was going to be a 40 minute wait and asked me to leave a check and he would get the extra options put on the car first thing the next morning and asked me when it would be convenient to come sign paperwork and pick up the car. ¬†I called him back and set up an appointment and I was in and out in 10 minutes. ¬†He was very thorough going over the car options with my wife and was simply a pleasure with which to work.”


“I just wanted to express my deep appreciation to your entire service staff, particularly Mr. Nick Covino and his associated service technicians, for the outstanding service I received. ¬†I have received excellent service from Jackson Acura in the past; for instance, Mr. Covino made sure the technician who had previously worked on my car for its 180,000 mile service also was assigned to replace the timing belt. This instance, however, was particularly exceptional. ¬†Mr. Covino extemporaneously set aside some service time for me on a busy Friday afternoon in order that I could get a flat tire replaced and periodic oil change, allowing me to get back on the highway as soon as possible. ¬†The work was finished in little over an hour with a complimentary car wash and vacuum, which is always appreciated. ¬†When I looked in my car’s trunk later that afternoon, I discovered to my surprise that the service technician(s) had not only bolted my mini spare tire back in place in my car’s trunk, but they had thoughtfully replaced the lug wrench and associated other tools inside a pouch to keep them from rattling around. ¬†In addition, they were kind enough to glue a piece of foam rubber on the underside of the particle board trunk liner to prevent it from rattling against the metal jack. ¬†Both these acts of thoughtfulness were unexpected but very much appreciated!”


“I leased a new MDX from Jackson Acura last week. My buying experience was remarkable. Im not a fan of automobile transactions, but must comment on this encounter as it has been different from my previous experiences. The sales person Mr. Paul Silverman was an excellent listener. He was able to listen clearly to what I was looking for, provided me with several options and most of all did not waste my time. As a busy physician, he recognized my need to get in and get out quickly, with exactly what I was looking for. From my initial internet encounter to the final signing of the lease documents in the business office, my experience was delightful. I am enjoying my car and have had excellent follow up from Jackson Acura since my purchase. I would definitely recommend this dealership to my friends and family.”


“I bought 2 cars from this dealership and the reason is my salesperson Sergei Potapoff. ¬†They always treat me right,give me the best service,it’s really pleasure to do business with them. ¬†Few times came for service and was really pleased with the way they take care of customers. ¬†They have GREAT facility and Great people working there.Already sent few friends to buy a car from Jackson Acura and will recommend to everybody. ¬†Great experience.”


“Outstanding and attenative experience from first email contact until I drove off the lot. ¬†I worked with C.J. Lombardi and Michael Wiest. ¬†Courteous, informative and efficient in the purchase process. Very fair with my trade-in. They even retrived items I left in my trade in after I left and overnighted them to my house!!!”



“Very friendly from the initial phone call. I had read great reviews about this dealership and my experience here was just as I had hoped. Micheal took lots of time to respond to any question or issue we had. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for an Acura to check this place out.”


“Jackson Acura is a great dealership for acura service/maintenance. Rodney Jones (service manager) is awesome…professional, friendly, attentive. He and his service associates ensure that my car is taken care of for whatever reason I may take it there. Jackson Acura has a comfortable waiting area with a television and magazines and complimentary refreshments…I feel relaxed while waiting on my car.”




“I requested quotes from several Acura Dealerships through Edmunds for a 2010 TL and received the lowest quote from Paul at Jackson Acura. ¬†I had another dealer lower his quote so that he was less than Jackson Acura and they matched the quote. It was a great experience working with Paul! He was very considerate and takes good care of you. I would definitely recommend them and use them again in the future.”


“Was shopping few Acura dealerships in Atlanta until I met Reggie Potapoff at Jackson Acura and I drove home on new TL. I got everything the best at Jackson Acura, the best experience,the best price, the best value for my trade and the best service. ¬†Thanks to Jackson Acura.”



“This was my first visit to this dealer. I was greeted as soon as I pulled up. The write time was very fast. The receptionist offered my friend and I coffee and cake while we waited for my car. My advisor didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need. Being a former Service Advisor, I understand the stress and pressure that comes with the job. My advisor showed no signs of stress and was very calm. He really made me feel at ease.”



“My wife had been wanting an Acura for several years. After making the decision to trade my camry for one, she started looking for a dealership outside of Chattanooga Tn. as most if not all of the dealerships here in Chattanooga regardless of the car manufacturer suck. We did go to Pye Acura here in Chattanooga just to test drive a car which was a lot of fun in itself. Their price was a joke and all they did to my car was devalue it. As soon as I let the cat out of the bag that we were going to Jackson Acura the next day the salesman started with some BS story about how the car dealerships in Georgia can manipulate the car faxes to hide things LOL. Anway I called the sales manager at Jackson to let them know we were on our way down and we wanted to buy a car. When we arrived he had placed us with a great salesman in Reggie Hammond. Reggie was great to work with and we had no issues at all other than the fact we had to wait an hour for a couple, who had got their right before us, to figure out they were trying to buy a car they couldnt afford. Once they realized they couldnt buy the car, we were able to close the deal with very little haggling. In the end we wound up getting a 2007 TL loaded out for $3,000 less than the car at Pye in Chattanooga we had looked at. In addition the car at Jackson also had navigation, rear camera, and 15,000 LESS miles than the one in Chattanooga along with a CLEAN CARFAX. I did have an issue that came up that was my fault during the sale for not checking the condition of the tires. I called Rodney the service manager and he said to go and have the tires checked out and let him know what the tread depths registered. After having this done 2 of the 4 tires came in under pre-certified requirements of 6. They agreed to change at least 2 of the tires and I drove back down to the dealership. Once I arrived they looked at the tires and decided to put 4 new tires on the car instead of 2. One of the front tires that was ok tread wise had 3 different types of nails in it and was going to have to be replaced. I offered to pay whatever they thought was fair and they didnt charge me a cent! They also replaced a front grill piece and fixed an issue I had with the carpet. The dealership could have told me to jump in the lake in regards to the tires as I had bought and signed the papers without checking them first but they went above and beyond what I would call service and did what it took to make me happy. I also got a fair amount for trade on my 2007 camry. Needless to say I am pleased with Jackson Acura both on the sale and service of my wife’s TL. I would reccommend this dealership to anyone as to me they are as fair and honest as a dealership can be and you dont find that very often in this industry and in Chattanooga Tn. for sure. If you are within a 3 to 4 hour drive of Roswell Ga. it is worth your time and MONEY to make the trip if you are looking for an Acura. They have a huge selection of both new and used Acura’s and they will fill up your tank with gas for the drive home. Sorry for being so long but I wanted to be as honest and thorough as possible with my experience. Thank you Reggie, Rodney and Jackson Acura!”


“My used car purchase was a very fast and pleasant experience, normally a sales process can take a very long time, but this one was very fast. Staff was very nice and very knowledgable, facilities were one of the nicest around and kept very clean. Would recommed dealer to other people very quickly.”


“My experience was 1st class at Jackson Acura. We shopped quite awhile and always came back to Jackson … NICE people, never pushy. They actually CARE about Customers. I would recommend Jackson Acura without hesitation!”

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